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InvestorFuse Launching CRM For Real Estate Investors

FEBRUARY 7, 2016 — Tomorrow marks the official launch of InvestorFuse, a CRM for real estate investors to better manage their house leads.

InvestorFuse is an add-on built on top of the popular Podio platform designed to systemetize the process of acquiring buyer and seller leads, as well as standardize and organize the process to move a lead or a property through their full life-cycle.

“I built the foundations of this platform while trying to manage my real estate business while also touring as a musician full time. It turns out others had the same issues as I did when it came to following up with and organizing leads.” says Dan Schwartz, founder of InvestorFuse. “I realized the power of this Podio platform is in the automations, allowing users to program specific actions such as followup, document generation, direct mail, and assigning repetitious tasks with a few clicks. It’s designed for entrepreneurs who are looking to build themselves out of the daily bottlenecks of deal management in order to free up more time to grow their team and enjoy their lives. ”

InvestorFuse will be the first monthly subscription-based Podio “workspace”. This is much different from the standard CRM build-out that startups typically need to deal with, which usually requires hiring a consultant to integrate your company’s IT systems with the CRM of your choice– a large upfront cost for startups.

“The problem with status quo,” Schwartz continues, “is that you need to invest a lot of time or money upfront to figure out how to properly modify your CRM to fit your specific business needs. It also requires a slew of 3rd party integration subscriptions that add to your operating expenses. We basically eliminated this issue with InvestorFuse.”

Schwartz, an experienced real estate investor himself, has done over 100 wholesale deals in the local Baltimore area and knows a thing or two about the process of buying and selling real estate, from building a team for your real estate business to how to systemetize a business and outsource low-level tasks to operate as effectively as possible.

Learn more about InvestorFuse at InvestorFuse.com as well as follow Dan at his personal blog, DasBeats.net.

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Stephen Steinberg

Stephen Steinberg

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