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Recharj Is DC’s Place To Powernap & Meditate During The Day

Recharj is a new relaxation and rejuvenation lounge in Washington DC, located just steps from the White House. And boy do all the people hustling in DC need this!

We all try to optimize our morning routine and sleep routine in order to keep our minds creative and effective, but sometimes that’s just not enough. Many companies are now using mediation and power naps as tools to inspire productive, healthy, and happy employees. And the science backs them up.

Luckily, recharj now provides a safe, calm place to practice midday meditation and take power naps.

“I fell into the world of meditation almost by accident,” says Daniel Turissini, founder of recharj. “My first experience was a half-hour session in the middle of a workday at the Freer Gallery of Art. It was here where I found my breath. When the meditation program at Freer suspended, I resolved to creating a new space in DC to share contemporary mindfulness practices in an accessible way. Oh yeah, and to power nap.”

After searching for a place cool, quiet and comfy to nap, Turissini realized not only did nothing exist at his workplace, but nothing existed in DC period. That’s when recharj was born.

Recharj has convenient 20-minute classes scheduled throughout the day. This makes it very easy to swing by in the middle of the day to recharge yourself. Classes range from power naps to various forms of meditation aimed to accomplish different things like resilience and positivity. They also have dedicated space for self-guided meditation practice or just a spot to enjoy a quick power nap as well.

Their studio is located at 1445 New York Ave NW just one block east of the White House and two blocks away from McPherson Square and Metro Center metro stations.

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Stephen Steinberg

Stephen Steinberg

Stephen is the Founder of Vapor Fresh, a line of safer plant based cleaning products for the sports & fitness industry, as well as Founder of Animate Yerba Mate, a brand bringing quality unsmoked organic Yerba Mate teas to the USA.